Rough Studios Greer

€ 179,00

The Jane, a michelin-star restaurant in Antwerp chose Rough Studios for their pillows. With love we created a custom made collection for the "fine dining meets rock and 'roll. Luxurious handwoven double silk and velvet Ikat pillow, finished with stitched piping.

Variation in color or texture is inherent to this handmade product and designs may vary slightly due to cut of fabric.

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· 50 x 50 cm
· Front: Ikat Velvet (80% Silk, 20% Cotton)
· Back: Ikat (80% Silk, 20% Cotton)
· Pattern: Hand woven, hand dyed
· Care: Dry clean only
· Closure: Zipper in seam
· Inside cushion: White duck feathers, pocket with organic lavender