Planet Friendly Production.

We meet the highest standards of sustainable production with respect for human.

We operate and have our factory in a Textile Park in India, where we recycle water and use solar energy. Our water treatment plant is in partnership with SWITCH-Asia cc, which is the largest programme funded by the European Union (EU) to promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in Asia.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of textile production. While the global textile industry pollutes more water than any other sector,  we are a part of a Textile Park where members are coming together to share resources, reduce usage and develop more efficient processes that will protect the environment and leave clean water for future generations. We model eco-friendly production for other industrial centers by documenting our progress and sharing our results with other textile clusters in India.

Effluent Treatment

Our Textile Park’s central effluent treatment plant (CETP) will recover over 90% of the waste water from textile processes and return it to the system for use in dyeing, printing and washing. This system can treat 0.5 million litres of effluent per day. In addition, each manufacturing unit has installed individual effluent treatment plants to recycle as much water as possible locally, reducing the demand on the central water supply.

Sewage Treatment

The park also has a sewage treatment plant that will recover water from the sewage lines, treat it, and re-use it in the sewage system (toilet flushing). In addition, excess water will be used for landscape irrigation.

Sustainable Development

We have ergonomically designed workstations, proper lighting, good ventilation, and all the necessary facilities to help traditional methods meet market demand. We are also training a new generation of artisans from the surrounding areas, providing employment and skills for a sustainable workforce. In addition, we want to see people have job security, employee benefits and fair wages because research shows that means better health and a better future for the families of workers.